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Help Installing AIM+, path to AIM executable?

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Help Installing AIM+, path to AIM executable?

Postby Alexx » Sat Dec 04, 2004 9:11 pm

Hello. I am trying to re in stall AIM +, I had uninstalled it a few days ago and am trying to do it again, i did the same exact thing i did the other day, but now when I open the AIM +, it asks me to fill out the preferences, so I check off what i want, and press OK, then it says "Enter path to AIM Executable" What the fuck does this mean? I figured it was the little blank at the top where the file name is, but one is already automatically in there and it still wont work, Ive tried to find it and change it but it still wont work....why wont it work this time? Please Help!

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Just Registered
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Postby Axilla » Sun Dec 05, 2004 4:39 am

Search the forums a bit dickfor.
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Postby Robpol86 » Mon Dec 06, 2004 7:17 am

he doesnt know how, give him a link

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