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Using AIM+ 2.2.1 with AIM 5.x

PostPosted: Thu Jan 09, 2003 3:50 pm
by Big-O Mark
AIM+ 2.2.1 is 100% compatible with the final version of AIM 4.8. However, many users want to use the latest version of AIM and need to know what AIM+ features do and do not work with AIM 5.x versions.

There are a few threads on this subject floating around, but one definitive, short, and to the point list is what many new users would like to see.

What works with AIM 5.x:

AIM+ Menu in IM/Chat Windows
History Logging
Transparent IM/Chat Windows

What doesn't work with AIM 5.x:

+ Menu on Buddy List
Ad Removal
AIM+ Menu in AIM icon on Buddy List
Clones Have No Sounds
Hide General / Buddy List Button Rows
History Viewer with 5.x Logs
Supress AIM Today window
Transparent Buddy List Window