weird problems

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weird problems

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hksfv version 2.0.1 build 84
windows 2000 sp4

one of the weird problems that i had is with md5, as in the topic. as usual, i made both .sfv file and .md5 file for files i think that are important, just so you know. it happened when i transfer some file to the target system and using hksfv to check the file, the .sfv file shows that the file is ok, but when checking against .md5 file, the file was shown as bad. i then create another .md5 file and look at the md5 value, they are the same. so i went on to check the file again using the original .md5 file, it says fail again. so i created another .md5 file, this time, the value somehow changed :-?

one other weird problems that i had is when i check the files with .sfv and .md5 files, it says some are bad, so i tried to download using bittorrent, a p2p program in case you don't know. bittorrent says the files are ok, so then i try to check the files again using hksfv, now, it says the files are ok :o

sorry if someone reported similar or same bug before
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