AIM 5.5.3583

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AIM 5.5.3583

Post by Jon8RFC »

Same as 5.5.3572-

6443>>> (FF FF FF)
color for buddy list background...MUST delete bitmap>>>resource 273 from aimres.dll for this to function //changed "ff ff ff" to "00 00 ff"

63F8>>> (FF FF 00)
color for highlight of buddies //changed "ff ff 00" to "ff 8c 00"

63E5>>> (01 01 01)
color for buddy group name, buddy name, arrow to left of buddy group name, mouse-over (tooltip) perimeter color //changed "01 01 01" to "ff ff ff"

6497>>> (FF FF D0)
color for mouse-over of buddy info (tooltip) //changed "ff ff d0" to "dc 14 3c"

865F>>> (FF FB F0)
color for background of bottom icons (read, today, away, pref), background of "away message" notification on buddy list & border around "%s's Buddy List:" at top of buddy list, background of stock ticker //changed "ff fb f0" to "00 00 ff"


12030>>> (FF 00 00 00)
screen name colors
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