How do I get Aim? How do I use it?

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How do I get Aim? How do I use it?

Post by Gustave »

My daughter wants me to use my camera on my pc, which is an INTEL camera, however, I don't know what AIM is. She said it is a free download. I have had trouble with getting things that I didn't want in downloads.

She also said it was free. I have no idea how to use it. Is there some way I can get more info on the subject?

What is hkSFV?


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Post by Axilla »

How old is your daughter? Well that doesn't matter. I'm coming over for her.
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Post by Nathan »

you guys are jerks...
AIM is an instant messanging program (send messages to others on the Internet who also have AIM)
you can get it at
after you install it you can set it up so others can view your camera.
i dont get whats up with these other guys :roll: its not like you are asking to hack someones computer or something like that...
well, i hope this helps. dont forget to download the AIM that best suites your operating system (windows, mac os, linux...) and you want the latest version of AIM in order to use the camera on it.
and you need to register an acount before you can use AIM
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