"hkSFV is not correctly installed (Install Path not fou

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"hkSFV is not correctly installed (Install Path not found)"

Post by ramil »

Win2k pro

2.0.1 (build 84)

Two users = 1 is admin, another is advanced user(the one that also can install progs(or ms help say's it is so)). Installing with advanced user account result foloowing error in admin accountant while opening context menu (mouse's right click)...
hkSFV is not correctly installed (Install Path not found in Registry)
This error occurs every time I open the menu of any file. Also when I start program I can't see any writing on buttons, labels, etc. And after some time it crashes.

Ok. I know that I should install it from admin. But almost all other programs work well even installing from not-admin user. :lol:

Post by emotard »

Please un-install and reinstall the program under the admin account.

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Post by Nathan »

what the?
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