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window parts not resizing in Win9x

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2002 6:59 pm
by xxx
When I maximize main window, child windows still stay to their original size. Is there a plan to fix it so that these filename and comments windows will resize according to the main window ?

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2002 7:04 pm
by Big-O Ryan
This obviously isn't what's supposed to happen.. :-?

It doesn't occur on WinXP, but does on WinME. This will have to be fixed in the next release..

Posted: Thu Oct 31, 2002 2:55 pm
by xxx
Okay, if it helps anyway I'm using Win98SE.

Posted: Wed Jan 22, 2003 11:49 pm
by fuuucckkers
I was testing this out, and I run 98se as well.

The 2 window splits (filename box, and comment box) dont resize with the whole program at maximization.. they just kinda get shifted to the upper left.

I'll provide a screenshot as well.

As a side note.. on your 'known issues' page you can get rid of the question mark after the 98. Because I think after 2 people having the problem, it would be a definate problem with the OS, and not a possible problem..hence the removal of the question mark! :)
window "parts" don't resize with the main window on Windows ME (95/98?).

Posted: Sat Feb 15, 2003 11:20 pm
by Big-O Mark
This bug has been fixed for the next release of hkSFV.