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Sportsline Spring Training Power Rankings

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The complete Power Rankings for Feb. 18:


Current Team Previous

1 New York Yankees 2

2 Oakland Athletics 1
Will Miguel Tejada's impending free agency become an in-season problem?

3 Anaheim Angels 5
Angels aren't a Mickey Mouse operation anymore.

4 Arizona Diamondbacks 4
Johnson and Schilling again will carry the D-Backs.

5 San Francisco Giants 3
NL champs still look good despite a major facelift.

6 Boston Red Sox 9
Red Sox are still looking up at the 'Evil Empire.'

7 Minnesota Twins 8
Health of rotation will determine if Twins repeat as AL Central champs.

8 Atlanta Braves 7
A 12th consecutive division crown largely could depend on the performance of lefty Mike Hampton.

9 New York Mets 21
The names changed, but the offseason formula of acquiring expensive players remained the same.

10 Philadelphia Phillies 14
There's reason to be very optimistic, but the Phillies must prove it.

11 Chicago White Sox 15
A 1-2 punch of Colon and Buehrle will inflict pain on many opponents.

12 St. Louis Cardinals 6
Pitching will determine if these Cards fly or fold.

13 Seattle Mariners 10
New manager Bob Melvin likely will be blamed -- probably unfairly -- if this team slips.

14 Los Angeles Dodgers 11
A 2002 repeat would be surprising for a team with such a fragile pitching staff.

15 Houston Astros 16
Jeff Kent and rotation make 'Stros the team to beat in the NL Central.

16 Chicago Cubs 23
Dusty Baker tries to make a giant impression in the Windy City.

17 Florida Marlins 17
Even if pitching staff stays healthy, can I-Rod energize the offense?

18 Toronto Blue Jays 13
Manager Tosca's goal of 85 victories might be a bit greedy.

19 Montreal Expos 12
El Duque will try to soften the blow of Bartolo Colon's departure.

20 Cincinnati Reds 19
Highlight of season could be Opening Day at the Great American Ball Park.

21 Texas Rangers 24
With a little ... OK, a lot of pitching, Rangers could be a surprise under new sheriff Buck Showalter.

22 Colorado Rockies 20
The team's stars are a guy (Larry Walker) who vetoed a trade, a guy (Todd Helton) with a bad back and a humidor.

23 Pittsburgh Pirates 22
Pirates are hoping a healthy ace Kris Benson helps turn 2003 into a season of making strides.

24 Baltimore Orioles 27
Will spring training tragedy have a lasting effect on the Orioles?

25 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 28
Chances are, Lou Piniella won't be too sweet come August.

26 San Diego Padres 25
Padres need young starters to step up to be competitive.

27 Detroit Tigers 30
Keep an eye on 3B Palmer, who's returning after two injury-plagued seasons.

28 Cleveland Indians 18
Baseball's youngest manager Wedge will age fast in his new job.

29 Kansas City Royals 26
Royals appear headed for a third consecutive 100-loss season.

30 Milwaukee Brewers 29
Miller Park beer sales should remain high as fans try to blur what they're seeing.
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Ouch... My team is 28th... I think I'm gonna cry.

Doesn't surprise me though with loosing Thome, and all the trades we made last year. :evil:

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