File case changing occurs even when set to none

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File case changing occurs even when set to none

Post by John »

In preferences/checking/renaming I have this set to None, yet when the files have been renamed hkSFV still renames them back to the original shown in the md5. I expect this behaviour with option "rename to match name in set file" but not with None.

Please also consider adding option 4 -"change filenames in set file to match new names"

OS = Win 2000
version = 2.0.1 (Build 84)
Bug occurs when using md5 to verify shn set.
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Big-O Ryan
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Post by Big-O Ryan »

Thank you for providing that info with the bug report, it often helps.

Could you provide a more detailed description of what exactly is going on? You can attach the md5, or list the files as they were named, are named, should be named, etc. The more information -- the better. :)

For clarity's sake, I will call "renaming" actually changing the letters or numbers in the file to something else (Tools - Find Renames), and "changing case" to the be thing hkSFV does when it changes letters to upper- or lower-case to match the filenames in the MD5 file.

As I understand it, the problem is that when hkSFV has to find renamed files to complete a set, it in fact changes the case of all the files in the set? I'm not exactly sure if I'm understanding correctly.

The exact example that you're having trouble with, as I mentioned above, would help a lot.

This sounds like something I could fix, though, if I understand the problem.
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same problem

Post by PreciousRoi »

I have experienced the same problem as the above user...

for example if a given set of files on my computer named:

File - 01(abc).txt
File - 02(abc).txt
etc, ad nauseam

according to the sfv are named

etc, ad nauseam

even if the setting for renaming is set to none the files will be renamed to match the other words, it appears as though the "none" setting has the same effect as the "to match names in set file" setting

hope this helps you to diagnose the problem

Post by PreciousRoi »


OS=XP pro
version = 2.0.1 (Build 84)
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Post by masken »

... my guess is that it's a part of the bug causing changes in preferences not to go to infect sometimes... try ticking/unticking preferences and exiting hkSFV through File > exit and just by clicking in the upper right corner.

lol.. starting to find ways aorund bugs that's been in the app for almost a year ;)
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