just to let u know of GTAWO

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just to let u know of GTAWO

Post by Robpol86 »

the GTAWO mod is in dev.

help spread the word
GTAWO is planning on combining GTA3 and GTAVC so any one who has GTA3 can play someone with vice city and viceversa

'me on another forum' wrote:wow this section of the forum is dead or sumthing!

anywayz, for those of you that play games on you desktops, im sure yall heard of the GTA series.

There is a mod for GTAIII currently out that gives this game multiplayer capabilities. its still in development but it works. Its called GTA3:MTA created by the MTA Team.

There working on GTA:VC and attempting to make it multiplayer as well. its the same link as above


theres another community called GTAWO. There working (partership with MTA and other mod groups) on making GTA3 and GTAVC compatible (through multiplayer). When this mod is released, people with GTA3 will be able to challenge and play people with Vice City (and viceversa). Please help and try to spread the news to other forums and friends. This will help in the development of all three mods

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