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PCI - Poor Concept Innovation (See Microsoft).

Internet - A once useful method of exchanging information about math, science and academic research. It's now overrun by wankers, cocky 14 year old dweebs and home pages for people's pets.

ASCII - Pronounced "Ass Key." This is a term used in most gay and bisexual news groups to let someone know you're interested in them. All ass pirates use an ASCII as their method of exploiting ass. (No relation to real pirates.)

Those Are Great! LOL
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This is the one I like

Beta Version - The final state of a program published by Microsoft.

(it also pretty true) ... omulan.jpg
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I'm way too insecure to be talking to another guy while he's holding his lizard. What did he have to say that couldn't wait until we were washing our hands to tell me?

After the incident, I rushed home and scrubbed myself with steel wool and turpentine.

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