Vikings... Please...

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Vikings... Please...

Post by Anthony »

Well it's offical. In order to improve a very bad record in a stadium you need to have a .... ... broken finger...

Brett Farve managed to improve his 2-9 record inside the Metrodome to 3-9 last night when he and his Packers... Well creamed the Vikings. Don't let the score fool you... Green had triple.... ya... triple the yards of any Viking counter part (Lets just forget he had double of any 2 combined Vikings...).

Farve was on fire all night (well at least past the 1st qt (which I missed)). I'm sure it didn't help that the Vikings fell apart in the end... Culpepper just all out fell apart... At one point just escaping being made into a sandwidth as the ESPN announcers put it so bluntly.

So anyways... How does a guy with a broken thumb go into a stadium that he sucks in and all out cream the other team in stats?

I sure don't know, but I'm starting to learn that I love ESPN's football announcer team.
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