Handheld Retro TV Games

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Handheld Retro TV Games

Post by fuuucckkers »

Check this out.
The PowerJoy III is a portable, self-contained gaming system with 84 classic games built-in. There is no console or gaming cartridge. Just plug the RCA inputs that are attached to the controller into any TV and you are ready to go. Completely portable and lightweight, the PowerJoy III even has 26 LCD games that can be played right on the main controller with no TV.


*84 Classic Video Games (mostly from 8-bit NES) to play on your TV! *No cartridges necessary. Complete video game list available here.
*18 Additional LCD games to play directly on controller (including Tetris). These games require no TV connection to play.
*RCA composite inputs connect directly to your TV or video source.
*Includes 2 controllers for competitive play!
*Primary controller includes a light gun for shooting games (clay shoot and gotcha!).
*Colored ASCII menu on power on allows easy navigation to arcade games.
*Primary controller styled similiar to an N64 controller.
*Secondary controller styled similiar to P1 controller.
*Ability For future expansion through cartridge system.
*Includes AC adapter (120 Volt)
*Requires 4 AA batteries for portable play (not included)
*Supports standard NTSC video sources.
More info and Screenshots here:
http://www.thinkgeek.com/cubegoodies/to ... ?cpg=10335

I'm ordering one on my next paycheck :D

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Post by DADINK13 »

We sell similar things like this at work. One of which is made by Atari which includes ten classic Atari games. Even the controller looks like an Atari 2600 joystick.

The other is named by NAMCO, and includes some of their old arcade classics.
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