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There is this new show on FOX ("The OC" if it matters), that I really enjoy watching. I watch every episode, and the 2 that I missed I have on my computer along with all the other ones...

It has a preview spot at the end of the show for next week.

Now the question:

When a show has a preview (that you really really enjoy) do you watch it?
Further a show that you like but isn't your all out favorite... Do you watch the preview?

1) I all out refuse to watch the previews. It just makes me even more excited to see the next show, and... well I'm already more excited then is healthy I'm sure.


I also just simply don't like to know about exciting things until the very last second. For instance we went to SFDL (Six Flags Darien Lake) for the first time, but didn't know it until we got into the town of Darien (and even then my parents wouldn't admit it until we bought the tickets (we were "turning around in their parking lot"). I couldn't have wanted it to go down any other way.


2) I don't mind watching these previews. They are just the perfect amount of excitement genration (sp) I guess.
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