A little confused... but happy :D

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A little confused... but happy :D

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Ok. My school is MAC West Champions. We host the MAC Championship game vs. Miami (OH). And this is actually a rematch from earlier this year.

Now, from my understanding, the winning team is considered MAC No. 1 for bowl games and the losing team is MAC No. 2. MAC #1 goes to the Motor City Bowl against Big 10 #7 and MAC #2 to the GMAC. Here's the thing. Miami (OH) is already going to the GMAC... so is it possible for them to play in two bowl games? Is it possible for them to play themselves? I know the later isn't possible, but it just struck me kind of odd how that worked up.

For bowl game breakdowns... http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=1673130

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