NFL minority memo more like whitewash

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NFL minority memo more like whitewash

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The NFL appears to be making a token gesture regarding its minority-hiring guidelines.

The league released a memo Tuesday to reiterate to teams (that would include the Bears, should they decide to dismiss Dick Jauron) that they must interview at least one minority candidate for coaching openings. No longer will telephone interviews suffice, the NFL's diversity committee said.

Owners also must be involved in final interviews. Which ought to be interesting if the publicly owned Packers ever have to hire a replacement for Mike Sherman.

"Clubs should make certain that they identify a deep and diverse ... pool of head-coaching candidates,'' the memo said. "As part of this effort, clubs should be sure that they are knowledgeable about potential minority candidates for the head-coaching vacancy both within and outside their own organization.''

The NFL's only African-American coaches are Tony Dungy of the Colts, Herman Edwards of the Jets and Marvin Lewis of the Bengals.

"The National Football League has taken a bold step toward securing equal opportunity for minorities seeking coaching and front-office positions in the league,'' said Hall of Fame tight end Kellen Winslow, the executive director of the Fritz Pollard Alliance. "We applaud steps that should help in leveling the playing field for minorities.''

Leveling the playing field for interviews. Wow. It's a bold step only because other ones have been so meek.
I find this insane, for many reasons... First of all saying that your must interview at least one minority (in person) is stupid. Who is to say that every single team has someone that deserves to be talked to in person? That should mean that everyone that they don't want to see, but is better then that "best" minority should get to talk in person also :-? .

Oh and the Packers and that entire owner thing... That's funny. Perhaps the NFL is trying to get into the record books for "Lagest attendence for a interview"?
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