Extract sfv from filename

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Extract sfv from filename

Post by Haywire »

Some people put the sfv checksums as part of the filename (usually in square brackets) rather than in a separate file. A useful feature would be to be able to extract these automatically and check the files.

Thanks for a great prog :D
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Post by Matt »

This is a good request. I know that if implemented, I would benefit.

However, it appears production of hkSFV has halted. I am not sure when, if ever, production will pick up again.
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sfv extract

Post by Madigan_7_gun »

i cant find any way of extracting the sfv files .... some1 plz help me!?!?!?! :-?

Re: sfv extract

Post by Guest »

Madigan_7_gun wrote:i cant find any way of extracting the sfv files .... some1 plz help me!?!?!?! :-?
me too.... i have sfv checker but that doesn´t extract
smu johnson
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Post by smu johnson »

I'm glad someone else suggested this... I too was going to write to suggest to check the CRC32's from the filename itself.
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