please explain

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please explain

Post by paradoxicalcatastrophe »

this is great and say this program detects a bad file...a bit has changed somewhere along the road...does that absolutely mean its a "bad" file...i've listened to files it has labeled bad...they sound fine to more question... this doesn't detect poor sound quality does it?i mean the files can have completely shitty sound quality but pass the hkSFV check right?
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Post by Anthony »

If the ID2 or ID3 tag changes at all it will be a "bad" file. The song in this case is the exact same. It is just labled diffrent.

As far as sound quality. If it is put into a SFV file with bad sound quality then it will come out as "good". However if it somehow lost sound quality during transfer it would come out "bad".

On one last note: If your using two diffrent speakers, or computers then the sound quality could be very diffrent from machine to machine (I'm sure you know this).
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