How do i open a .sfv file

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How do i open a .sfv file

Post by Reacon »

I have downloaded a game on the internet. in the folder there was some files (.001 - .012) and a .sfv file. how do I make a game out of that?
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Post by Anthony »

You don't...

Get WinRAR

Then open file 001 with WinRAR (You might have to right click and select "Run with...".

001 though whatever is a span of compressed files.

In case you don't know what WinRAR is... It's sort of like WinZip (and in fact can replace that program), but it has more functions such as being able to view image files, rar files (go figure), gz files, and many others.

Edit: Oh and you can use hkSFV to verify the file - Once again if you don't know what a SFV file is... It confirms that all the files are the way they were inteneded to be when they were put on the server. This makes sure that the file did not somehow lose any data during the transfer (It will know even if one single byte of data is missing/wrong/corrupt/whatever). It also makes sure the files were not changed by a third party (Highly doubtful this will ever be the case)...

You can check this out by making a SFV file for a mp3... Then change the file's ID3 tag (just one space, or letter) and watch as it comes back as being corrupt (which it should).
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