will there ever be any update?

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will there ever be any update?

Post by rmd »

as far as can tell this program is dead, dead to the point that the developer have quit bugfixing it, thats more dead than.... dead.

this is very sad since the only complaint i have is that the cache feature even exists, this only make stupid people (almost everyone on the net these days) have trouble understanding why it doesnt update the checksum eventhough the file have changed.

atleast fix this issue and the fact that it doesnt die when you exit the program, this would atleast make it usable.. if not, release the source so some one else can fix it!

thanks for your time
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Post by Plasma2002b »

who are you talking to?

you do know the programmers are dead, dont you?

its teh infamous life of brian gaut to teh max0r!
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Post by Nathan »

finally someone else agrees. i told you guys they died, no one believed me. yea seriously, are you like the guy from the 6th sence? he talking to dead people...
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Plasma2002b wrote:ill open YOUR port.....!
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