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I was looking through NewsWeek the other day, and I guess they must have had a big articel on Google a week before because the mail part was talking about how they either liked or didn't like Google.

Anyways someone mentioned in their letter.

In short takes everything that is complicated, yet very useful of Google and makes it much more simple to use (and easier to locate in the first place).

All of it is still done by Google - Soople in short listens to what you want to do and then explaines it to Google.

I have already found out how to do some things - For example I didn't know you could search the news by location - Or even if Soople does not have the options to do something you can figure out the format (such as Soople will search for pdf files by default but not for exe files - Just search for a pdf file then in the search bar change pdf to exe).
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