A Few Features Please

Request features that you'd like to see in future versions of hkSFV.

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A Few Features Please

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CSV Checking.. there was another post as asking for this put it did not include an attachment. I have attached a rar file containing various samples of csv files. :roll:

The file naming in the rar file:
Cr=> Carriage Return

When you check an sfv/md5 file then click on another and you have one instance enabled; hksfv clears the result of the former file. It would be nice to somehow stop this automatic clearing of list, and have instead a clear button.

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The people who created hskt1294fdafv have passed away. Sorry.
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:(... and btw, how do you know that? :?:
Don't you think it would show up somewhere on the news?
I for one, would like to see hkSFV updated, but moreso, to know the creators... Mark and Ryan are alive and well, and simply suffer from an affliction known to all of us "life".
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i dont know who you are, but, it doesnt take 5 min to post, " im not going to be posting here for a while due to personal issues..." face it, they died.
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It isn't proven that they did die. It is known that they no longer have time to do AIM+. As a fellow developer, I share in their pain and when I get sick and tired of the same questions gotten asked over and over....why service the product?
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