Please explain option "Use Recycle Bin when.

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Please explain option "Use Recycle Bin when.

Post by elpino »

first of all, this is a great tool!
i always used pdsfv, but disliked the window in xp (not my taste of nice colours and filenames with lots of characters (often used) were capped to about 8 characters, so it was difficult to see which file was corrupt).

After a reinstall of my PC i searched for another sfv checker and found this one. I must say, this one is really great! Exactly what i want, including renaming corrupt files to .bad is a VERY nice option.

However, i don't understand the option "Use Recycle Bin when deleting files" in the preferences. It was turned on, but what does it do?

Please explain the option.

Thanx in advance
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Post by Anthony »

This is a long shot but I bet it means "Use Recycle Bin when deleting files".
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Post by Nathan »

OMG anthony youre such an idiot :roll: why would it mean that? i mean... geezz. it obviously doesnt mean that :roll: if it did then only a complete retard would ask that kind of question...
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