Doublechecking failed files

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Doublechecking failed files

Post by xtc »


Sometimes i've gotten files that didnt pass the CRC test, but when i tested again they passed. Wouldn't it be a good idea if HKSfv doublechecked failed files before marking them as bad or even worse deletes them?

I checked through 700GB/40000 .rar files. and got 22 bad ones, when i ran the check again, i got different bad ones. After a bit checking and figuring out what files that was indeed bad, i ended up with 5 files wich i replaced.

I'm pretty sure that most of those files was just my harddrives reading incorrectly and not the files themself being bad. So please include a option to doublecheck failed files to make sure they really are bad.

Thanks in advance
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Post by Axilla »

The option won't be included in the next version since it's almost complete, but we'll put that on the list for the version after that. Thanks!
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Post by Dice599 »

But he wants it now!!! Damn you Ax!!
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Post by Darkie »

This would be a sweet feature, hope it comes soon

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ask and you shall receive my fellow 'groes.
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