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Automated Compatibility - use TEMPLATES and commandline arg

Posted: Sat Jan 08, 2005 8:05 am
by Jurgen
There are different formats in the MD5 files. Easy Creator MD5 creates several formats and detects several forms, even Unix forms.

At least You should provide a field to define Your own separator. FilecheckMD5 uses '|' and hkSFV uses '<space>*'

Automatic format detection of the .MD5 file at least those:

(type: Easy MD5 Creator)
setup.exe C5D3FD1DF060E3547424BFF1CA907CBA

(type: Unix capatible)
MD5 (setup.exe) = c5d3fd1df060e3547424bff1ca907cba

(type: MD5 Checker)
c5d3fd1df060e3547424bff1ca907cba setup.exe

(type:GPG and some other formats like MD5-it, MD5Summer)

I suggest You use TEMPLATES and %vars% to define Your template.
and a command argument option to define the separator.